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Solar water heater and its work principle

Solar water heaters is the use of solar collectors to heat water stored in the hot water tank, for industrial and agricultural production and daily life with hot water. Therefore, the total solar water heaters that provide hot water for the use of solar energy concept of a complete system. The use of such water is characterized by high water consumption and the water temperature is not high, typically 40-60 . Such as the shower water temperature between 35-40 . Industrial washing, generally about 60 . So the use of solar water heaters provide hot water at 40-60 , is the most widely used and best use of solar energy devices.
    Solar water heater consists of three main components, namely collector, water tank and the circulation line. * In addition, the. May also have auxiliary power devices such as electric heaters to ensure the continued supply of hot water without sunshine. In the forced circulation hot water systems, as well as water pumps, water level controller, control electrical appliances and thermometer. '
    According to the fluid flow method of solar water heaters, sun heaters can be divided into nausea and circulation heaters.
    First, break the sun heaters
    Chuang sun is the collector and the water heater storage tanks into one. In short, is a monument within the blackened surface of the water container.
    Stuffy sun water heater according to the structure, can be divided into open, plastic film type and Seal of three. The principle schematic shown in Figure 6-5-1 calendar.

Stuffy sun water heater works extremely filling one. During the day and into the blackened with dew syrup containers, water does not flow in the container, by the blackened surface absorbs solar radiation, heating the water inside, leaving the evening use. Therefore, this boring water heater has the advantage of drying the structure is simple, cheap, easy to use, no chrome hand management. The disadvantage is poor insulation performance, the use of certain limited range, usually only applies to rural as low temperature hot water supply to urban households.
    Second, the circulating hot water. "'
    The main features of this type of water heater to a certain speed set down the tubes for heat 5E circulation. Anchor rings under way, can be divided into natural cycle, forced circulation type, forced flow of three. The principle of the system, as shown in Figure 6-5-2.

    1. Natural cycle
    Policy by the hot-plate collector absorbs solar heat, heat conduction to pass through the water collector, followed by temperature rise, the proportion of smaller water flows to the top of the hot water tank. On the other hand, low temperature hot water tank below the water, the proportion, into the collector at the bottom. The flow is generated based on the proportion of the water temperature difference, resulting in natural circulation, with the help of no external power, that is able to achieve in the hot water heating system, self-loop, so called the natural cycle. Once the system reaches thermal equilibrium, this natural cycle will stop. This natural circulation type water heater system, the water is always placed in the collector foil on top.
    Small household water heaters, they use a natural cycle. The main advantage is no circulating pump, and thus less expensive, maintenance is simple.
  2. Forced Circulation
  As a large-capacity hot water system, usually with forced circulation type, that is between the collector and hot water piping in the garnet, the installation of a circulating pump. Pump entrance, installing a check valve to prevent water from the collector reflux at night, resulting in greater heat loss. In the same design conditions, the forced circulation type and the natural cycle than the higher temperature of hot water can be obtained. Defects increase the investment in equipment and additional foot power consumption.
    3. Forced-flow
    The water heater, water pressure as the driving force is the force of water flow in the collector. Here, the water in the collector only once in the flow, side flow, side of heating b heated water storage in the hot water tank.

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